Don’t Let Stress From Water Damage Flood Your Mind

Call us for sump pump installation and repair in Ballston Spa, NY & the greater Capital Region

If you’re looking for another effective way to prevent your home from flooding, request a sump pump installation from All Dry Basement LLC. We can install one or multiple sump pumps depending on the size and topography of your home. In addition to flood prevention, you’ll enjoy many other benefits of our sump pumps, including:

  • A five-year warranty
  • Superior performance
  • Ultra-quiet pump alternation

Once we’ve installed your sump pump system, you’ll be able to prevent water from entering your home effectively.

Hire us for sump pump installation in Ballston Spa, New York today. Ask about our freeze protection services, too.

Broken pump? Call us back to fix it.

If your system is damaged after installation, call the All Dry Basement team back to repair it. We’ll repair it as needed so you can continue to have a reliable flood prevention system for your home. You won’t have to worry about leaks or mold the next time a heavy rainstorm hits.

Contact us today to schedule your sump pump repair or installation in the Capital Region.

We have the best options for protecting your home from a flood. We can do single sump systems, battery back up systems and even a sump system that provides free monitoring connected to an app on your smart phone.

DO YOU NEED 3 Sumps? Maybe, it depends on the level of protection you want and need.
Our pump spy combo is great option if you only want a main sump with a back up that uses technology to make sure everything is running as it should even if you are south for the winter.

If you want to know which pump is best for you please call or email and we can have one of our experts come and share with you all of your options and you can decide which is the best fit for you.

Remember Freeze Protection!

Remember Freeze Protection!

In our cold climate it is important to remember to protect your sump system from freezing. Our FreezeFlow helps prevent freezing discharge lines.